The Flame and Horsehead Nebulae


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This image displays the first two star of Orion’s belt Anitak and Alnilam. On the first star Anitak can be seen two nebulae, The Flame Nebula to the upper left and the famous Horsehead Nebula sitting below. The Flame Nebula, NGC 2024 ia an emission nebula situated around 1,500 light years from Earth and is illuminated by the bright star Anitak. At the centre of the nebula resides a cluster of newly formed stars. The Horsehead , Barnard 33 is a small dark nebula appearing within the southern region of the dense dust cloud known as Lynds 1630. The Horsehead nebula sits at 1,375 light years from the Earth. This is probably the main nebula which got me into both astronomy at a young age and astrophotography over the past couple of years. This image is presented in the Hubble Palette.

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