BKS Telescope Assembly – Stage 7 – Cable Management

Over the last set of blogs, I have described what pieces of kit I use for Astro imaging and the positions placed on the telescope assembly. I have saved the connections of cables and basic cable management to the last part of the basic set up.

Main telescope unit.  Hand Controller to Aux 3.
Main telescope unit. StarSense to Aux 1.
Main telescope unit. Motorised focus unit to Aux 2.
Celestron Power Tank – 5V cable to camera
Celestron Power Tank – 12V DC 10A car battery adaptor cable to dew heater control unit
Dew Strap connected to port 1
USB 3 cable from camera to computer

Above pictures showing camera located behind scope at F10.

If Shooting at F2 with the Hyperstar with the camera located in front of the telescope, separate the power cable and USB 3 cable by 90 degrees (gives better star diffraction spikes), and secure in place with dew strap around dew shield.

USB 3 cable plugged into computer by standard USB connection
Telescope ready to power up –  F2 format.

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