BKS Telescope Assembly – Stage 6 – Celestron Power Pack

The Celestron Evolution mount contains its own lithium rechargeable battery. This internal battery provides power to the scope and one other feature – the motor focus unit which I will cover in a later blog.

There are two other pieces of equipment which require power during image capture sessions:- 

  1. The Dew heater strap assembly
  2. Power to the CCD camera

I achieve power to these pieces of equipment by utilising the Celestron Power Tank

The Celestron Power Tank Lithium Pro features a 12V DC 5A telescope power port, a 12V DC 10A car battery adapter port, and 2x 5V DC USB ports – 1x 2.1 A, and one rapid charging.

Panel display with charging power on button and charging LED’s.

With this addition plus a laptop computer with a decent battery, allows the telescope and imaging system I have becoming totally portable and not reliant on mains power.

The Power Tank is suitably attached to the tripod leg to secure.

Power cables to equipment to be discussed in upcoming blogs.

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