BKS Telescope Assembly – Stage 2 – The Wedge

The main issue with the purchased equatorial-style mount is that the telescope fork arm sits directly onto the tripod and is not tilted in an azimuth axis to allow accurate star tracking without field rotation. This is OK for visual observation, however if you wish to conduct astrophotography then you need to create an accurate azimuth tilt to allow the mount to track the stars in an East West direction. This is undertaken by the addition of the Wedge!

The Wedge tilts the telescope’s azimuth axis so that it tracks stars as they move in an arc around the celestial pole. This keeps objects cantered without rotation, allowing you to take longer exposure astrophotos.

The Wedge is attached to the tripod by 3 captive attachment screws. I keep the Wedge permanently attached to the tripod. 2 silver captive attachment screws can be seen in the picture below, the third sits under the tilt unit.

The Wedge fits between the telescope and the tripod to allow equatorial-style mounts to be tilted to correspond with the observer’s latitude for precise polar alignment for the telescope. In my case in Kingswinford UK the latitude is 52 degrees.

Latitude adjusted and locked at 52 degrees

With StarSense computerised set up the menu can be checked to wedge alignment to allow perfect primary calibration and star alignment.

The next blog looks at the single fork arm mount.

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