BKS Astronomy Telescope Setup

Over a period of many months researching various bits of kit, the following came to together as part of my standard portable powered astrophotography setup. Here I list the basic parts of my kit, future blogs will go into more detail on various items: –

  1. Celestron Evolution 8” EdgeHD with StarSense – The main beast!

2. Equatorial Wedge – Enhancing tracking – allowing longer exposures

3. Hyperstar V4 – converting to f/2 wide field

4. Barlow lens – increasing magnification at f/10 for Solar System Photography

5. ZWO Astrophotography Cameras – one shot colour cooled cameras

6. Celestron Flexible dew shield – prevent dew and stray artificial light sources.

7. Celestron motorised focuser – allows accurate remote focus control

8. Light pollution and Nebula Boost filters – my Bortle 6 garden with streetlights!

9. Dew strap with controller – prevent condensation forming on the main corrector lens

10. Skywatcher EVO Guide scope – for guiding if required or locating planets/ ISS / laptop capture setup.

11. Celestron Power Tank – powers camera and dew shield

12. Celestron Vibration reducer pads – prevent excess vibration during long exposures

13. Celestron C8 Solar filter – New addition! – remember do not look directly at the sun without the proper equipment!

14. Laptop computer – high speed

15. Sharpcap – astronomy capture programme

16. Firecapture / Registax / Deep Sky Stacker– capture and processing free programmes

17. Pixinsight – Deep Sky Image processing

If you have any questions, do get in touch!

You can contact me by messaging me from my contact page by following this link: Click here.

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